I am Having Second Shift Blues

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I am so happy that Justin got a job he loves.. BUT I really hate the shift he works! It is horrible! I’m trying to be a strong, supportive girlfriend.. but it’s hard… This is how our day goes…

6:00am- I wake up
8:00am- I go to work
10:00am- Justin wakes up
3:00pm- Justin goes to work
4:00pm- I come home from work
10:00pm- I go to sleep
12:00am- Justin comes home
12:05-12:10am- we talk about.. who knows what.. I’m half asleep

I’m not going to lie, its hard & different for me! He will be on this shift for at least a year, then he can request a shift change! I hope this year goes by fast!
It’s 7 o’clock at night and I am already bored and ready for bed! I need to think other things to do other than shopping!!

— What you do when you and your man don’t have enough time together?