Where Have I Been???

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 Where have I been for the past month? Everywhere! With summer classes and work, I hardly have any time! But I wanted to catch you all up on what I have been doing!! What better way to do that than with pictures!

 Riley… My sister’s dog (the closest thing I will get to having a nephew for awhile) He loves car rides! He spent the weekend with Justin and me!

Garfied… My parents cat. He is just getting high on cat nip! My parents bought a catnip plant last year and gave us some! Our cats love it too! It is so funny to watch them!

 Oh to have the life of a dog! Good Ole’ Penny! Sun bathing herself (don’t worry about my dirty house please)

 Riley & my sister! Riley enjoying ice cream for the first time! He loved it!! They have a doggie bowl & and it even comes with a treat!

Had to get penny a new Bow tie! Riley broke the last one! But its so pretty!! 

Spending time with Justin before he goes to work… He is on thirds now! So he leaves home at 10pm & gets home at 8am. Right when I am ready to leave for work.  It’s weird… I don’t like it… but He loves it so that is all that matters right?

My poor car.. Got in a little accident the other day.. not my fault, but still. Now have to take to get it fixed and do all that fun stuff. No one was injured.. We were both going around 5mph but he just didn’t see me. 

Happy Belated Birthday Justin.. Belated I mean May 8th. Opps. I got him a wireless blue ray ( I think I have used it more than him) 

Mother’s Day! We went over to my parents house and enjoyed a nice dinner! Riley and his mom are so cute together! 

Attempting the Red Lips… I’ll let you guys decide on what to say here.. 

When we moved into our house, the landscaping was horrible & we are finally getting around to making it look better!! Need to show you guys more pictures, because it is so pretty now!!

Since I took Riley to get ice cream, I HAD to take Penny! She barked at everyone there, like she was going to eat their head off, but once she got her ice cream, she was one happy pup!

We have been so busy lately, but as you can see life is amazing!!