My Last Semester Of College…

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It is so hard to believe that I graduated High School Three years ago!! 
Where has the time gone?!?

What I really Can’t believe is that I graduate college in less than 6 months!! 
College was a great and horrible experience all at the same time… I met people that will be in my life forever, and I met people who I will never talk to again. I had wonderful professors who cared, and professors who didn’t care at all. I had some easy classes, and some classes where I just wanted to cry… but one thing that was always easy was ordering my books from Campus Book Rentals
They are a wonderful company to work with when ordering books! Once I realized how easy it was, they were the only company that I would buy from. I still compared them to companies, and they were ALWAYS the cheapest! Cheap & Easy… Can’t go wrong with that! 
Renting a textbook is the best way to same money in college.. yes you can always sell books back but for what 5 or 10 dollars.. not worth it at all! Actually, Campus Book Rentals lets to rent books you bought to other students! Smart Right? Making money over and over again by renting out your books!!
 You can highlight in the book just like its yours! Also free shipping both ways! And the best part about it.. They send you a pink envelop to mail it back in, so its nice and easy! Don’t even have to print off a shipping label!
 You can’t get better than that! 
One other amazing thing is for every book they rent out they donate money to Operation Smile- Operation Smile changes lives forever by helping them go through reconstructive cleft lip surgeries. How amazing?
Well, I am off to order books for my last semeter of college!! 
Thanks Campus Book Rentals for making renting books so easy!!