My New Car!

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So.. I am a little behind on writing on my blog.. and I really miss it!! 
So here is a catch up post! 
 Two weeks ago tomorrow I bought a car! My very first car! My mom and I went knowing which car I wanted! We found the car, stood next to it and waited for a sales person to come up and help us! Look how pretty!!!! We test drove it, and i absolutely loved it! Justin has a pretty big car, so I really just needed a smaller car, and that is exactly what this car was! 

I was nervous, that I was not going to be able to get the loan all by myself, (considering I’m in college full time & working a part time job, with school loans up to my eyeballs) But I did! The account manager said that I was the highest credit score he has seen at my age since he has been there!  I was so excited, I have always been careful about my credit score so I knew it was pretty high, but I didn’t know how high! 

 So we went back the next night and bought it! I love knowing that it is my car, and I bought it with my own money! I love it and I am proud of myself, for being 21 with a house and a car! I’ve worked so hard in my life, and I can’t wait to continue working hard!

— Have a wonderful day! 
I’ll be out driving my pretty car!