If you look at my phone….

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Yes…I have been a horrible blogger lately.. and I am sorry.. I am really trying to be a better blogger, So stick with me!

But let’s take a look into my iPhone and see what kind of pictures I have on it…

Ready, Set, Let’s Go….

Penny Loving Working Out!!
Me and My Main Squeeze
My Lovely Sister
Wouldn’t be the same person without her
Worked like crazy to get both cars in that garage! GO ME!
This dog has tooo many toys! But at least she plays with them all!

Justin doing 40-hands? I think that is what is called! Yes I got to tape them on!
Enjoying Family Night!
Went Shooting over the 4th weekend! Lets just say I shoud stick to Bow Hunting!
Penny had another sleep over with Riley!
This dog loves car rides!
And she LOVES beer! 

-What would we find if we looked at your pictures?