Dating A Man That Works Second Shift

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I hate it! It sucks.. That is all I really have to say about it! I eat breakfast by myself, eat dinner by myself, watch TV at night by myself, pretty much everything… It’s hard & really boring!!

I have starting to spend a lot of time at my parents and my sister’s house! Keeps me occupied! Justin is finally done with training, so he rides by himself now.. & now it makes me even more nervous! 
I do worry, but I know that he is a smart deputy, and will come home to me every night.. But if I do wake up any time after 12pm and he isn’t home PANIC MODE comes on & I FREAK.
Then I call him and sometimes he answer’s but if he is held up on a call, he can’t answer.. so panic mode last a little or a lot longer! 

So yeah… I hate second shift… 

What do you hate?