Let’s Talk Money

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I have always been into learning about money! I make so many budgets and look at my money all the time! When buying my car, I knew exactly what I needed the sticker price to be so after taxes I would have the money payment that I wanted! I have always been into money (must be why I went to college for business management)  Starting from the age of 16 my parents let me have a credit card (of course it was in their name, but I had to pay the bill) I was so excited! But I learned fast, that if I can’t afford it, then I can’t put it on my credit card. I have always been money consensus.

One way that I learned about money is the Suze Orman Show!

I love it! She talks about anything & everything! Yes I know, complete nerd post, but I don’t even care! Knowing about money and what to do with money is the best thing in life! I must say for my age I am doing wonderful with money! Yes I have college debt, but pretty much everyone does! (I do have to thank my parents for not paying for my school, paying for my school really made me grow up fast, and learn to get through college as fast as I can, that’s why I will be graduating in December one whole semester early!)

I am so proud of myself at 21 knowing that I have my own car, I have a house with the help of my parents, having a credit score of over 795, I know it should only take me about 5-7 years to pay off $20,000, in school loans. I know that once Justin & I sell the house that we are in we want to build (I even know who I want to build my house). Yes I would say I am very proud of myself!

I can’t wait to get a big girl job to start saving for my retirement! Justin puts about $600 a month in his retirement! Its hard to believe if you spend a dollar today instead of putting it in your retirement account you could of had 45 dollars out of that one dollar by the time you retire! CRAZY! 

It is hard though! I don’t get to buy all the nice clothes and things for my house… but if there is a sale you better believe that I am there! It takes time, but go ahead learn about money! I promise you won’t regret it!

— Do you know your credit score?

— Do you put money into your retirement?

— Have you even watched the Suze Orman Show?