The Engagement… What Really Happened

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As all of you know, I GOT ENGAGD!

So here is the real story.. 
Last Monday the 6th Justin actually got off on time! So I stayed up and talked to him the whole time he was driving home (normally I fall asleep before he gets home, but that night was different). 
When he got home and and Penny were cuddling and Penny has been sleeping for a long time now. Justin comes home, takes Fenix out, rumbles around in the kitchen, and comes the bedroom and wakes up Penny. I was kinda confused because one he was still in uniform.. that make takes his uniform off ASAP, and two he NEVER takes Penny outside at night. 
So he grabs Penny and walks out (me being annoyed because he woke up the dog, and now we will have two dogs wild and crazy) 
But he comes back fast, and I kinda thought it was too fast for Penny to go out and “potty”

He walks in the room, puts Penny on the bed & tells me Penny has something for me… 
The rest is History… 

Of course I FREAKED OUT 
I know I didn’t say yes because Justin had to ask me what my answer was! 
Of course it was yes! But I think I forgot to say it! 
By this time it is close to midnight, I was just so excited,,, but the worst part? 
I couldn’t tell my parents until the morning! 
It was IMPOSSIBLE to sleep knowing I just got engaged & no one knew! 
So I woke up at 5 the next morning and went to my parents house! 
I think they knew something was up, because I don’t ever wake up that early! 
Then the engagement party planning started!