Weekend Recap!

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 We both have Fridays off, so Fridays are like Saturdays! So Friday we ran some errands, and then got ready to go out with some friends! We had a great time! I am normally such a home body, but I do enjoy going out with friends! I haven’t laughed like that in such a long time!! It was another great night to celebrate our engagement! Friday, was such a beautiful day, so Fenix loved playing outside while we did yard work!! I hate raking leaves!! 
Look at this boy.. could he get any better looking?


It was super exciting!! When we first started I thought I was going to pass out!! I was so nervous, it was like it was real! I was getting married, I am starting a whole new chapter in my life! Yes I have had this ring on my finger for a couple weeks, but it hit me. I am marring the man of my dreams! I am so lucky that I found the man, people spend their whole life searching for! 
Lets just say I found a dress that I loved, but I am the MOST INDECISIVE person ever, so I left without a dress, my mom and sisters are taking off Friday, so we are going dress shopping again then! 
Saturday night, I went shopping with my mom, and then came home and hung out with the pups! Fenix helped me work on the guest list so we can start on the Save The Dates! 

 We went to go visit family for my Grandpa’s Birthday!! It was wonderful seeing family! My aunt and uncle own a farm, so I got to go through their seed catalog to pick out things that they will grow for our wedding! It was so neat! We picked to grow, the white pumpkins (who doesn’t LOVE the white pumpkins?), and the small orange and white (thinking the flowers will be orange) & then I told them anything else they wanted to grow they could! I think it will be a really neat touch to our wedding!! 
-Friday- A full day of dress shopping! & Engagement pictures! 
Weekend Recap