Cardboard Letters

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Here is a little project anyone can do… it takes less than an hour!! 
First get a letter, I got mine from Joann Fabric, I used a coupon so I think I paid less than 4 dollars! 
Second, get your supplies:: Letter, String/yarn, hot glue gun, something good to watch on tv 
It is simple just wrap and glue 
**Tip: Glue on the side that is going to be the back, some of the glue will seep through, and you don’t want anyone to see that!** 
Keep wrapping and gluing and when your done it will look like this! 
I put this in our study! It is perfect! Simple and pretty! 

Loving having this! 
&& for now the K stands for Kara, but on 10-10-15 I can officially say it will stand for KNIGHT!