Wedding Wednesday

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Date: 10-10-2015 Props to Justin for picking it out! His favorite number is 10, so maybe 25 years from now he will remember our anniversary?!?(probably not)
Venue: We have had this picked out since around March! 
DJ & Photobooth: We actually found our DJ about a month ago! We decided to cancel our photobooth and put our money somewhere else! 
Food:  We went to a tasting on Friday Night with our parents! The food was wonderful! We will have 2 salads, 2 sides, to main dishes, 2 desserts (counting our cake) Really excited that is crossed off the list! 
Photographer: Meeting with our potential photographer on the 22nd! (YAY)
Flowers:  Monday night went to go look at flowers.. and who picked out all the flowers for the wedding in less than 2 hours (yes me!) 35 tables, groomsmen, bridesmaid, mine and Justin’s flowers later, and all the flowers are picked out! 
Dress & Veil : I SAID YES TO THE DRESS! I am so excited! But I don’t want to give any details to the dress (but I LOVE it) and I for sure got that “feeling” that everyone talks about! I got a veil too!! (double yay!)
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  • Yay! Planning is such fun! keep up the early'll thank yourself 🙂

  • That's awesome that you have your dress and are meeting with a potential photographer! That is awesome. I remember those days and meeting with our photographer. It was like love at first sight. Enjoy the planning process!

  • Jen

    You are doing great! For me picking out my dress was the hardest that's a big item to check off your list. I did a DIY photo booth that I'm going to share more details on hopefully next week. In case you are intested in still doing some sort of photo booth that is very budget friendly 🙂