Wedding Wednesday

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Date: 10-10-2015 Props to Justin for picking it out! His favorite number is 10, so maybe 25 years from now he will remember our anniversary?!?(probably not)
Venue: We have had this picked out since around March! 
DJ & Photobooth: We actually found our DJ about a month ago! We decided to cancel our photobooth and put our money somewhere else! 
Food:  We went to a tasting on Friday Night with our parents! The food was wonderful! We will have 2 salads, 2 sides, to main dishes, 2 desserts (counting our cake) Really excited that is crossed off the list! 
Photographer: Meeting with our potential photographer on the 22nd! (YAY)
Flowers:  Monday night went to go look at flowers.. and who picked out all the flowers for the wedding in less than 2 hours (yes me!) 35 tables, groomsmen, bridesmaid, mine and Justin’s flowers later, and all the flowers are picked out! 
Dress & Veil : I SAID YES TO THE DRESS! I am so excited! But I don’t want to give any details to the dress (but I LOVE it) and I for sure got that “feeling” that everyone talks about! I got a veil too!! (double yay!)
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