Pallet HeadBoard- Part 1

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This is my VERY First DIY post! 
So here it goes! 
I am going to show you all how to make a pallet headboard! 
First: Get Pallets (HUNT HUNT HUNT!) Lucky for me, my mom’s work gave me pallets, and they were probably the best pallets to work with! 
Second:  Get all your tools together! Table saw or hand held saw, power screw driver, triangle, screws, wood to your size, clamps, saw horses, hammer, nails, and WILL POWER!
Third:  Get the base of your headboard together, I used 3″ screws for this part, so I knew it would be steady! This was pretty simple! 
** When driving in the screws make sure you put them in on an angle** 
Fourth:  Getting Ready to make more supports that go between the ends
Cut each 1 x 1 five feet long (if you are doing the same dimensions that I did)  
Make sure that your cuts are straight! The easiest way is using the triangle shown below to make your lines! 
 Since Justin refused to help me with this project he said he wanted me to prove to myself that I could do it, I had to use clamps and saw horses to hold the wood down! 
&& please be safe when using all these power tools! Safety first everyone!! 

What your supports should look like when your are done! 
Easy & Fast so far right?
Come back next time to see the rest!