Pallet Headboard– Part TWO

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So on the last post, I showed you all how to make the base for the headboard! 
Now is for the long process! Using the pallets! 

 I cut the wood off of each pallet, it make it way easier because I didn’t have to mess with pulling off the screws or anything like that 
Tip **make sure that you cut them in different lengths, so not every board looks the same**
Next step: start placing the cut pallets on the base… this takes forever.. I used a hammer and a nail, because I wanted the look of the finish nails.. you can use screws or really anything for that matter. 
Keep cutting, and nailing, (this takes a while so make sure you have at least 5+ hours to work on this part) 
You can see that I don’t have any pieces line up, I did that so the whole thing looks more random! 
Almost there!! At this point of the project I just wanted to be DONE! But I kept going & I am so glad that I did! 
All done nailing!! You can see I left some space at the bottom, my bed will hide off of that & honestly I don’t think I could have nailed one more pallet! 
Now time for stain! I got my stain at Home Depot and the Color is Dark Walnut! 
I decided since I had such a lard area, that I would brush all the stain on and then just use a rag to wipe the excess stain off. 

I was so excited when I started to stain!! 

Look how pretty it is starting to look! 
Starting to look like a real headboard!! 
Come back next time to see the finished product!!