What I am Thankful For…

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My Fiance- For being my rock, for being here for me all the time, even though I get to see him on Fridays, and Sunday mornings. I am thankful that he does what he does, to help others out in life, he risks his life for everyone, I can only image what he would do for me!

My sisters- They have helps me SO much with wedding planning, I don’t know where I would be without them! They are amazing role models, & I am blessed to have them as my sisters! 

My Parents- They are amazing! My mom has done all the wedding planning with me, and it has helped me beyond belief! She has been amazing! My pops is the man! He deals with me every single day at work, and is helping me learn so much more, so I can succeed in my new job! 

➸ My Puppies- they keep me company while Justin is gone during the week! They annoy the crap out of me, but always keep me bed warm until Justin comes home every night. 

➸ My Life, Health, & Everything-What is there not to be thankful for? I am marrying the man of my dreams, I graduate college in a couple weeks, I have the best family, I will soon have the best mother & sister in law a person could as for! I have a job, and a wonderful house! I am thankful for everything & everyone in my life! 


(What are you thankful for?)