Rugs Running Away?

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Tired of your rugs running away? 

Not anymore!! 

Not with Rug Pad Corner

Rug Pad Corner comes to life in 2009

I saw too many rug pads in customer homes actually sticking to the floor. Research proved to me that most rug pads contain inferior quality materials, commonly adhesives and chemicals. I formed Rug Pad Corner as a result of the need for genuine quality rug pads that would actually do what they are supposed to do. I visited the mills, told them what materials to use and which not to use…told them I did not want any glue or adhesives at all…told them that the rubber must be real, solid rubber. I got what I asked for and started offering these pads to every customer in our rug store, but why stop there? For the millions of other people around the country with area rugs, I wanted them to have the right rug pad  – so in 2009, I launched Rug Pad Corner
I have never had a better rug pad ever! And they make it SO simple to figure out what you need! 
Step 1: Select a surface
Step 2: Select a shape
Step 3: Select a size 
Step 4: They cut it a little smaller than your rug
Step 5: It arrives promptly at your front door! 

The pad for the wood floor! 

                       The Top View                                                         The bottom View 

One major bonus about these, is it makes your rug so much more comfortable! It’s like putting a super comfy pad underneath your rug! That was a wonderful bonus! 

These’s rugs stay in place no matter what! Before I came along this product my rugs were always scrunched up & in the wrong spots.. sometimes they would be a couple feet away from where they were supposed to be! Now I know that a rug will be there no matter what when the pups come inside! Love knowing my rugs won’t ” run away ” anymore! 

This is the best rug pad I have ever seen!! 

Highly recommned! 

Go check them out! 

– Do your rugs run away? 

Sponsored Post: Items received in sponsored posts were sent to me in order to review and share with you! All reviews are true opinions and not altered by endorsements.

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  • oh geesh I could use this for my bathroom rug. It makes me irrationally angry when it gets shifted. Just ask my husband. I think I've scarred him for life now. A freshly washed and IN place bathroom rug just makes me super happy.

  • We could definitely use these in our home. We have stained concrete throughout the house and the cheap 'rubber' pads actually damage the flooring. Thanks for sharing this company!

  • This is awesome! We are going to do wood floors and a rug in the future so I'll have to keep this in mind!

  • I will have to remember this when we put our rugs back in our house. We took out our large living room because a messy toddler and a rug didn't quite mesh! It was easier to clean the messes from the hardwood floor. But, we will definitely have to look into this more!! Thanks for sharing!

  • This is perfect for when you have little ones and you need a safe floor for them to run and walk on.

  • This is perfect. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect rug for our living room and our back patio. But I have commitment issues when it comes to choosing one lol

  • I could use this in more than one spot! I hate running rugs:)

  • Man, I sure do hate that. I need to check out this product