Year In Review! January – March

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Hard to believe that it is already December!! Love looking back at the blog to see the year in review!

Let’s start by looking at January- March 
My Blog has came so far in the past year! & I am so excited to see how far it will go in another year!! 
I guess I was Super busy? Maybe? Haha this blog post does have some AMAZING pictures!
Find more about me here! Love these kind of post! 
Justin got a new job! I am still so proud of him every single day! 

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  • That pup is so adorable!

  • That quote about dinner cracked me up, it reminds me of my husband. He's not a police officer, but working in the healthcare field can be like that, especially the office he's at now. They really don't manage the office very well sometimes he'll get done 30 minutes early…. and sometimes he gets home 45 minutes late. Grrr…

  • That one year blog anniversary is a big deal to celebrate. So a big woot! woot! for you. I love the doggie!

  • What a fun year ya'll had! Imagine what wonderfulness will come your way in 2015.

  • oh what a fun recap type post. I have a page like this and it is starting to get looong, I might have to break it up ha. To a great new blog year, and i love the cake!

  • Love these kinds of posts! It's always fun to catch up especially when you're a new reader! and I agree with Stephanie! Just imagine what's coming your way next year! eek!

  • Such a great idea to do recap posts of the year!! What a great start Jan-March was congrats on the blogging for a year! Cheers! Almost two now 🙂

  • Isn't it crazy how far our blogs come in just a year? I love getting to look back on what has changed. Your pup is too cute! Not to mention huge (and very late) congratulations to your husband on his promotion!! Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  • I love recaps!!! You are so pretty! Can't wait to see what you get up to in 2015!

  • I love the dog picture!! Too cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Such a fun post- love the dog that is too cute

  • I absolutely LOVE that dog picture!

  • Love the dog picture! We have two cats and my husband would freak out if I ever put clothes on them. Ha!

  • I love your puppy!! My Breezy likes to wear clothes as well 😉

  • it's so crazy to look back on the year and see how everything has changed! look how far your blog has come, thats awesome!

  • Hi! Nice to meet you! So glad you are recapping, so fun to meet new bloggers. I read your I am the kind of girl post and based on your picture, guessing your man did pop the question sometime this year 🙂

  • Hello, stopping by from Emmy's Year in Review Extravaganza and your newest follower. I loved your short and sweet one year blog anniversary. I feel the same way sometimes, with my blog, about quitting or just going private. Every now and then I will think, I should be private, I should just delete it, I should just quit worrying about it. haha. Because like you, I enjoy having that space and going back to check things out. Except I do need to be better about updating things. Nice to meet you!

  • Nice to meet you through the Review Extravaganza. I'm so glad you're participating with us! It looks like it started out as a great year. Can't wait to see what else happened for you this year.