Year Recap April Through June

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We are almost half way through December
One of my first jewelry reviews! So Pretty!
A Post about family meaning the wold to me! Of course they do!!

Second Shift Blues…
(And still having them)

Justin is still working Second shift, so nothing much changes.. good thing I have the puppies to keep me company!

Must have went MIA again, this explains my life! Let’s see here.. a car accident, Penny and her Bowtie, Justin’s Birthday, Mothers day! It covers it all!! 
WOW, I am done with college! It is so hard to believe! 
Still Love my baby (maybe not loving the monthly payments). But I am so glad I bought my car! 

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  • Can't believe December is almost over! So not ready for that…but I am looking forward to 2015 🙂 Awww second shift blues are never fun. My husband has been traveling for work a lot and it's no fun sleeping alone.

  • Has it felt like this year has just completely flown by? I still can't believe it's mid December right now!! LOVE that cute new car and congrats!! Cute pics of your family too 🙂 including that adorable puppy.

  • I know I say it every year, but this year truly flew by. I love that you do a recap on your blog. Such a great way to look back on your year.

  • nice recap!! i might have to do that! 🙂 cute family pictures!

  • Thanks so much for letting us into you life through your recap. It seems like you have been in a seasons of transition. Stay positive…It's contagious!

  • What a fun way to look back on the year and see all you've experienced.
    I loved getting my new car in 2011 but the payment? Not so much.

  • It is SO exciting buying that first new car, isn't it?

    Congratulations on finishing college!

  • Love the recap! and scions!!! love them! in my opinion they're the prefect mix of girly and speedracer lol

  • Ugh..I feel like I should be packing up for Christmas already! ha! I can't relate to being a police wife, but my husband works crazy hours and I get so lonely sometimes.. 🙁

  • oh second shift blues, I know those. Two ships passing in the night. It was for years, you get use to it. Chris was on third shift I think…technically. I called it graveyard so I'm not sure with the 2nd 3rd bit. What I did get use to was having the bed to myself and now that he is working regular hours, and has been for almost a year now, it was hard giving up all my bed space ha. But? I have to share?? =( Hope that year goes by quickly.

  • I love the recap! Your car looks adorable!
    Melanie @

  • Congrats on your new car! Bummer about 2nd shift, that's no fun at all!

    Stopping by from the linkup and a new follower :)!

  • I'm so over car payments ha. They're the worst. Your car looks like the Chevy version of my Ford. Very cute.

  • darn for car wrecks but yey for new cars!

  • Uh oh about your accident, but getting a new car is always fabulous!

  • Glad the accident wasn't too severe, never fun though. My husband sometimes has to travel for work and the first night he is gone I have the worst time sleeping, after a few nights I get used to it, but yeah would be hard if he worked a late shift. Thanks for recapping!