Recap– July-September

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We have started recapping the year, and we are half way though! 
Check out the rest of the year! 
I must not be a “real” blogger, because I pretty much take all my pictures through my iPhone! 
But I Love looking back at pictures!! 
No Worries! I am still hating it!! 
Where did my cute little puppy go!?!?

Went from Long to short!! 
About 8″ gone!! 

First “real” fall in the house! Loved all my fall decorations!! 
((I put them up a little early))

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  • Oh my goodness. The cuteness of that puppy is ridiculous!

  • Your puppy is so cute and love the hair! Stopping by from the review linkup!


  • You are gorgeous, that pup is adorable and I love your fall decorations.

    Also, admiring your husband right now! How hard it must be for you to be a police officers wife!

  • What an adorable puppy, so cute!

    Your hair is amazing! It looks fabulous long and short. I'm so jealous!

  • baaaah your puppy <3 <3 <3

  • Love your fall decor! Hey, I take a lot of my pictures with my phone and not only am I am blogger but a pro-photographer. But the best camera is the one you have with you. Though I am going to try and do a 365 this next year and going to try and do most if not all of it with my real camera.

  • Your hair looks very nice! I wish I could cut that much off and still have it that long! And truthfully pictures are pictures! I too love pictures.