The Last Couple Months… October- December

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These past couple months have been AMAZING! 
& I have been waiting to recap these months!! 

I had a wonderful year! I am so thankful for everything & I know that 2015 will be even better!! 

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  • Your ring is gorgeous! I'm excited to follow the wedding planning process and to see what you do since I'm familiar with the location you live in. Are you getting married locally?

  • i love that you separated your year recap into a few months at a time. i was kind of overwhelmed doing mine all in one post.

  • Congrats on the engagement — what a gorgeous ring! I also got engaged this year 😀 Sounds like your last few months were wonderful 😀

  • Your dog is so adorable!! Congratulations on your engagement! What a great way to end a year 🙂

  • you had a great year! and photos of your engagement are beautiful, have a excellent year together with your future husband and adorable puppy so cute !!

  • congratulations on your engagement; enjoy the planning process, it is so fun!

  • Hi there, just wanted to stop by your blog and say thanks for stopping by my blog today! 🙂 Congrats on your engagement!! And your puppy is SO CUTE!!!

  • Fenix is adorable!! Look at those ears! I love your ring and all your engagement pictures! Congratulations!!