Weekend Recap

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Happy Monday!
It’s Monday- not too excited about it, but on to another week! 

 I worked all day Thursday & Justin worked til 9, but I was able to bring him Chiptole (best fiancée ever). After he got home from work, we went to go work out. This was the first time Justin & I worked out together at a gym. He would show me something, and I am pretty sure the words Hell No came out of my mouth many times. (Yes I am still sore… I am a wimp) 


Friday was such a nice day with Justin! I felt like I haven’t seen him in forever! I let him sleep in & I hung out with the pups! Then we went wedding shopping looking for vases. He was like a little kid! I felt like I was dragging him around!! But considering our wedding is 10 months from yesterday, I decided that we really need to start working on wedding stuff together! 

Then we went over to my parents to have pizza! I love being able to hang out with my family on a Friday night! 

Justin worked one job from 9-1, and then went to the sheriffs office from 3-11. (love my workaholic). While I slept in till 11:45 (I haven’t slept in that late in forever). 
I pretty much was a bum all day on Saturday, & it felt nice to just lay around! 


Was another relaxing day for me. I got some stuff done around the house & Justin went to work again from 3-11, So I didn’t see him too much! 
I hung out with my parents (like I normally do on my Sunday’s) and got ready 

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  • I love relaxing weekends!

  • Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  • Lovely weekend! Mmmm…Chipotle.

  • Sounds like the BEST weekend! SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED TO UNWIND FROM THE WORKWEEK! and if Chipotle is involved, its a win-win in my book!

    -Lisa @ Showered With Design

  • 11:45??? I have no clue when I last slept that late. Oh how envious I am of you!

  • Sounds like a great weekend! I'd love to sleep that long!

  • I am beyond jealous of you getting to sleep in!! I can't even imagine a time when I slept that late! You go girl! And good luck on all of the wedding planning!

  • Sounds like a great chilled out weekend, I wish I could sleep in that late!!

  • Sounds like you had a pretty relaxing and enjoyable weekend.