Why I’ll Never Be A Pro Blogger

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1. I don’t even own a camera… 
All pictures are taken off of my lovely iPhone & it will probably be that way forever.. 
2. My life is boring
My other half works over 60 hours every week, I work full time & when I’m not working I hang out with my family and take care of my dogs! 
3. My instagram pictures don’t looking amazing naturally 
I don’t understand how some people have such amazing pictures on their instagram account
4. I don’t have a cute kid 
Well.. I do have two really cute dogs.. I wonder if that counts
5. Even when I have a cute outfit & take a picture its looks horrible 
I’m not going to say I have no style.. but once again I can never make my pictures look amazing
6. I have never done an outfit review post
that is because of  #5 
7. I hardly take “selfies” 
I hardly even wear makeup that usually explains the no selfie