I don’t like Change

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Our lives are about to change forever.. 
Over the weekend we both decided that we are changing jobs! 
If you know me at all I am completely terrified of change. I hate it in any aspect of it. I love knowing what is going to happen and everything about it. 
We thought that we would both stay at our jobs until after the wedding & then go from there! With some much planning to do, I really wasn’t even thinking about changing jobs 
It took a long time for me to decide to leave the family business and for me to start a name for myself. But I think it’s exactly what I need to do.. Now for the not so fun part.. looking for jobs.. 
I started apply for jobs over the weekend.. so we will see how that goes.. 
Now for Justin, I kind of keeping his change a secret, because we don’t really know what is happening yet, but hopefully its happening! 
I really hope that I am still able to write on my schedule! I really feel like my blog is growing into something wonderful & I don’ t want that to go away. 
I am nervous about all the changes coming up in our life, and asking for prayers!