Police Goodie Bags

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Since Justin works all day Saturday I thought I would give his gift to him last night 
(and I hate waiting to give people gifts, I get too excited)

We don’t do too much for Valentine’s Day, But I had to get him something small!! 
I made Justin a goodie bag for his BRAND NEW cruiser! 
&& this wonderful print from Jill!
Her Etsy shop has the best prints! For Police Families, baby showers, Holidays & much more! 
I absolutely LOVE the home & love sign!! 
How amazing!! 
Look at these amazing wreaths! 
I love the Police Ones … But I have a biased opinion!! 
I love having police pictures around the house to show my support for my fiance! 
The best part about his goodie basket, all the candy have a cute little meaning! 
I am so in love with this print & I hope you go check out her shop! 
Want something custom? Just ask her! She does amazing work!