Getting To Know Me: Answers Part I

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You all asked some amazing questions, and I am so excited to finally answer them for you!! 
Hope you feel like you know me a little better after this!! 

What’s your favorite way
to spend “me” time?
Honestly, My favorite way to spend “me” time, is with Justin! Since we don’t see each other that much I would much rather spend time with him than do anything else! 

And what’s one food
you can eat over and over again and never get tried of?

Pizza & Crackle Barrel! I can eat pizza all the time! We usually have it every Friday, but I for sure could eat it way more!!  && Crackle Barrel, their chicken & dumplings Mac & Cheese and fried apples.. I could eat that every day of my life!! 

What is the best book
you’ve read and book you most want to read right now?
I actually really enjoyed the 50 shades of Grey books! I hardly read, actually I never read! But I do always tell myself that I want to start reading more!! 

What’s the
best/coolest/fun thing you have ever won?
Hum.. Well when I was 12 I was playing Bingo and won like $600.00. 
I really wish I knew where that money went! 
What’s your favorite hobbies and interests?
Spending time with my family & Justin! 
I am really close to my family, and we all have dinner together usually at least once a week! 
I do hunt, even though this year I wasn’t able to get out all. 
Justin, my dad & myself all have bows and we do go out and shoot pretty often! I enjoy doing that since I able to spend time with the two important men in my life! 

What are some of your
favorite date ideas to do with your husband?
Justin & I love going out to dinner! The only night we see each other is Friday, so we either go to out to dinner or have dinner at my parents house! I hardly ever ate out before I met Justin & now its our little thing to do! 
If you could go back in
time and re-do something would you?
I wouldn’t. No I am not one to necessarily believe that everything happens for a reason.. but I do know I met Justin at the perfect time in my life. During high school I never made the right decision about guys, and if I wouldn’t have dated that horrible guy, I never would have met Justin! 
So even though the past was a little rocky, I wouldn’t change my past for anything!

What are some of your
favorite things you (& Justin) do where you live?
We live in a town where there is hardly anything to do! We go to a lot of restaurants that of locally brewed beer, or have friends over a lot! Most of the times we go out with friends, we end up at our house, which is fine with me since I am such a homebody!! 

I hope you know me a little more!

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