Where Was The Knight’s Place?

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 Ashley Over At Girl Talk Highlighted my “Engagement Life” so far, & I Just couldn’t help but to share with you all!
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My favorite day of the week is here! Wedding Wednesday! Today we have Kara a Bride-to-Be with us sharing some of her favorite parts of planning her wedding! She has a very interesting and fun engagement story! 

When are you getting married?

This October 10th 
How did you meet your fiance?

We actually met at work! It was my first semester of college, and my parents told me I needed a job, so I applied at the mall for guest services. I didn’t even want to work there, but my mom INSISTED that I just went for the interview. So I did, & I got the job. Then I didn’t even want to accept the job but then again my mom INSISTED that I took the job! My first day on the job I talked to this amazingly good looking security guard there for 2 hours straight! I knew that night that he was the guy for me.. And the rest.. well that’s history!

How did he propose? Was it a surprise?

Justin works second’s so he gets home around midnight. Sometimes I stay up and wait for him sometimes I don’t. On October 6th he made me stay up and talk to him all the way home… I had no idea why. But all I wanted to do was go to sleep! When he came home he made Penny, get up and go outside and go “potty” after I told him multiple times that she doesn’t need to go outside. Well when he came back he got down on one knee and told me Penny has something for me! On her collar was this amazing looking engagement ring! I was super surprised! I knew it was coming because we had our venue & date set since Febuary, but I just didn’t know when! I give him an A+.

Have you booked your venue, if so how did you choose that one?

We booked our venue 8 months before we got engaged! (Best thing we did). After we got engaged it gave us time to enjoy the engagement & not to have to worry about planning right away!  I really wanted a barn venue, but none of them held the amount of people that we needed! So we went for a hall! It was better on the budget and held the 250 people!

Have your bought your dress, if so how many did you try on before saying YES TO THE DRESS?!

Yes! I am excited to say that I have my dress, only after trying on a good 50+ dresses! I was getting so flustered! I would love the dress in the store & then go home and be like what was I thinking!  Then we went into an “off the rack” store (at this point I was about to give up) they made me try on dresses outside my comfort zone! & I found THE PERFECT dress right off the rack! I hardly need any alterations done! I am so glad that my mom kept pushing me forward & helping me find the perfect dress!
Has your vision for your wedding changed or evolved over the course of your engagement?

It really has not changed at all! My sisters and soon to be sister in law have really helped me make my dreams come true! We are going for a rustic feel with burlap & lace without the burlap & lace! Can’t wait to show you all!
Who is your favorite vendor you have booked so far?

I think my favorite would have to be my photographers! They just make it seem so simple & it’s a couple which is exactly what I wanted 2 photographers! They are amazing & make me feel calm about that part!

Tell us about planning with your fiance, has it gone smoothly? Is he more involved or hands-off?

Planning with Justin is so easy. The only thing he really wanted was to choose the date. I wanted 10-17 because that’s our dating anniversary, and he wanted 10-10 because 10 is his favorite number, so I let him choose the date! Other than that he has let me run the show which I love! Of course, I tell him everything just to make sure he approves!
What is your favorite part about planning a wedding?

My favorite parts are being with my family & have the parties! Our engagement party was so much fun! I can’t wait for the shower, we are having a co-ed shower (I think beer tasting?!?) Being able to see everyone makes it so much fun!
What is your least favorite part about planning a wedding?

The guest list by far! We can only invite 250, so it is hard getting it down to that number! And then we are having assigned seating, so I am already dreading that! Good thing I have amazing family to help me with that!
What do you hope to gain from marriage?

A life full of happiness! That’s all I want! I am so excited to start a family with Justin & just be happy family! Simple as that!