Welcome To The Big World

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To Start off, If you haven’t read this post, I think you should because it will explain a lot! 
Well I am excited to announce that I have accepted  a new position at a new company!
I honestly couldn’t be more excited for myself right now! That is why I went to college and got a degree, because I wanted to make something of myself. Now I am able to! 
Now don’t get me wrong, it is tough leaving a family business. But I have talked to my dad about it a lot, and he is agrees that is the best thing for me. 
Honestly, if I didn’t have the amazing support of my family and Fiance, I would be stuck in the same rut still. It took some though love from both of my parents to make me realize why I need to find a new job.
Once I realized that I wasn’t going any where with my current job, I set out to find a new job. I had two interviews with two different companies.
The first interview I had went wonderful, & I got the job.. But something didn’t feel right about it. The second interview I thought I sucked at (felt like I didn’t stick out as a good candidate). But to my surpise they called me the day after and offered my the job! I was so excited! 
(I’ve always herd that:: the interviews that you think went horrible, usually went well) 
& that must have been the case in this situation! I really felt like I could fit in at this place and start a career of my own! 
I am so excited to see where this journey takes me in life!
I also wanted to thank everyone for the kind words & prayers! You all have been the best through this and it means the world to me!