How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

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1. Set Your Budget
Set your budget for whatever you feel comfortable with. I promise, you’ll find a dress you love within your budget! So don’t fret! There are so many different dresses out there you’ll find the perfect one with the perfect price! Try “off the shelf” dresses! You never know, you might just find one that works perfect for half the price!

2. Try on everything
Even if you don’t think you’ll like it TRY IT ON! That is the only way you’ll know if you like it or not! If you don’t like it, then it took 5 minutes of your time! No big deal!

3. Give yourself time 
Don’t feel like you have to get your dress the first time you go shopping! Actually, just plan on not buying a dress on the first day & tell everyone that you are going with that. Give yourself enough time before the wedding to look at dresses, so if you don’t find a dress the first couple times, you don’t have to worry.

4. Go with a small group 
You don’t need everyone and their mother to come dress shopping with you. More people, more opinions & that is not needed. When I found “the dress” it was just my mom and myself. I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have found the dress that day if there were more people that came with us.
I did call my sisters to tell them to come to the shop, so I could make sure that they liked it!
5. When you know its the dress you just know 
Trust me.. that feeling is REAL! After I tried on 50+ dresses I thought that there was no way that I would have that feeling.. Well I tried on this dress that was COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone and as soon as I put on that dress “that feeling” just happened! 

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  • All of these are great tips! I tried on so many dresses I didn't think were my style! I almost went with one of them so trying on all of them helps!

  • These are the perfect tips! I tried on almost 115 dresses. No lie! I had a hard time find "The"Dress" I wanted something a little different than the norm, antique lace, no poof, no bows! I ended up in the best wedding store ever in NYC. I called it the TJ Maxx of bridal gowns! There were all different gowns, all different prices, and they were so helpful! I love my dress. I didn't want to take it off!

  • Great ideas! I had a hard time because I felt very self conscious in dresses. I ended up choosing the dress my friends liked, and while it was beautiful, I never felt comfortable in it. I changed into another dress I found at a thrift store after my ceremony and then into a third dress (a gorgeous vintage dress I"d bought off Ebay). Bottom line…you have to feel good. We still laugh about all of my wardrobe changes as the night went on. It was fun!

  • I tired on 4 dresses and number 3 was it. I tried one more just to make sure, but as soon as I looked in the mirror I knew. I was a little nervous that it was so easy for me, since on TV they always make it look so hard haha. I still love my wedding dress even almost 3 years later.

  • I definitely agree with taking only a few people! The first time I went I took only my mom and it was perfect!

  • I definitely agree with 2&5. I really wanted a ball gown dress…you know, tight fitting top with corset back and big skirts. I took my mom, my sis, and my BFF with me…they saw a rouched dress with a corset back (still a triangle shape, but not as big) and convinced me to try it on. I didn't like it on the hanger and I was prideful and stubborn and still didn't like it on me, while they all thought I looked gorgeous. We walked away empty handed, but I kept thinking about that dress for 48 hours, finally called my mom, went back with her, tried it on again, and let my pride go–I agreed with them. And that is how I got my dress! (And, it was only $500 brand new!)

    • I meant number 2&4…definitely take people with you and listen to what they have to say!!!!

  • Oh yes my dress wasn't me at all but I loved it!!!

  • I went with my momma and it was such a fun experience to share with her. My MOH lived across the country, so she couldn't be with me. But I took pictures and shared video with her to make her included in the experience. And yes, we stuck within our budget 🙂

  • Totally agree! My favorite one is Try On Everything! It's surprising what ends up being the most flattering sometimes.

  • Everything so true! I thought I wanted to big gown, but in the end I looked like a cupcake lol! I ended up with something I would have never thought.