Can I Call Myself A Beauty Blogger?

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Now, I promise I am not calling myself a beauty Blogger & I probably never will. 
But it is kind of exiting to try something different! 
So here we go: 
Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask = Deep Cleansing + Radiant Glow

Let’s be honest.. I don’t have much of a face routine.. actually I don’t have a routine at all! So when I got the change to review a face product, I was kind of excited! 

This facial mask it wonderful! I decided that since I started my big girl job that I would take some time out of the day and take some “me” time! Well this mask was exactly what I needed! 

This is a Sponsored Post, but don’t forget all opinions are my own
I must say, that it didn’t smell the greatest.. but that wasn’t a huge deal to me. 
I have really sensitive skin, so it tingled a little when I first started to apply it to my face.  
I also, felt like it was a little thin, so I applied a lot. But the good thing is that there is a lot in the bottle, so I have many more applications left! 
I really did go on smooth! It had a wonderful texture (not sandy or gritty), it dried within 10 minutes. 
Taking off was wonderful, my skin was so soft! I will want to use the product all the time!! 
My skin feels super soft now & can’t wait to use it again! 
I think its a win! 
Go find them on Amazon!

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  • Ohhh I may have to try this one! I use the one of off Amazon that is like $8! I've used Glam Glow and a few others, but I just can't find a benefit worth the extra $$$$ for those brands.

  • Ooo thanks for sharing! I love a good mask!

  • I love skin care products! I'll have to check this one out…is it all natural? I actually just did a blog post on skin care products! 🙂

  • This looks awesome!! I might have to check this out!!

  • So you didn't break out at all? Because sometimes i do from those masks. Looks awesome!

  • I am needing to find a face mask! I think I might try this one!