Your Done.. Now What?

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So you have your college degree.. Now what?

1. Congratulate yourself! 
College is no easy task! Long nights, hard test, boring classes, rude professors, the list could go on and on! Your aloud to be happy for yourself for graduating! It’s a huge success, so Cheers to yourself! 
2. Relax 
You have probably been going non stop since you first started school! All you can think about is that next test, or next project that is due.. well guess what.. you have no more projects or test. So now you can relax a little & enjoy life! 
3. Get your resume ready 
It’s always a wonderful idea to have an up to date resume. After graduation it is super important to update that resume, so everyone knows you serious about getting a job. (A little note– leave off your GPA, you don’t know what a business is looking for, if they want to know trust me they will ask you.)
4. Sleeping In No More
I think that was the biggest shock for me. During school you stay up late, sleep in until noon. Well once you hit the real world that all changes! No more night owl! Now I wake up before 6:30 every single day! Hello weekends.. are now for sleep & cleaning! 
5. Enjoy 
You have a the rest of your life to look forward too! You completed one major milestone in life & I am sure you are looking towards the next. It may be going back to school, getting married, starting a family or whatever. Just enjoy life!