Where Do You Put Your Ring?

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So, I HARDLY ever take off my engagement ring. 
If I am painting, doing yard work, or some crazy project I’ll take off my ring. 
But I feel lost without my ring! & I always freak that I will loose my ring! But now thanks to Pearls & Pennies I know my ring will be safe when it is not on my hand! 
This is THE perfect ring dish! 
I love having that “go-to” place to put my ring! I never have to worry about it now! 
Ring dishes are wonderful and all, but now for something a little fun!! 
With this wedding coming up, I should stop drinking and start working out!! Maybe this amazing wine tumbler from Pearls & Pennies will give me that urge to work out.. or maybe it will give me the urge to drink more! 

Pearls & Pennies has the cutest things! You need to go check them out! 
** I received product(s) in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own**

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  • What a cute dish! I have a jewelry tray on my dresser that I put my rings on before I go to bed 🙂

  • That is such a cute ring dish! I desperately need to get one! Also that cup…OMG I love it!

  • I need a ring dish so badly. I really only take my ring off for showering, putting on lotion, washing dishes, etc. But usually I just set it on the bathroom counter and hope it doesn't go down the drain!

  • Cute ring dish! I actually take my ring off a lot. Especially if I am going to be near water or a sink. I am so afraid of losing it down a drain or in a pool. I even left my wedding ring at home completely when I went on a cruise. I didn't want to risk it…

  • I've been thinking about getting a ring dish. I take my ring off a lot. I don't sleep or shower with it on, and I take it off when I'm cooking or cleaning. I've been using my original ring box, but it has seen better days. This is such a cute alternative!

  • The only time I take mine off is for raw meat and gardening. I have a little ring holder that I would go insane without. I always worry I will lose it! Nice to know where it is all of the time.

  • Adorable! I keep mine in a little dish by the sink as well. It's a bright, hand-painted beauty that a friend picked up for me when she was in Istanbul. I treasure it!

  • I rarely take my rings off, either! I need one of those little dishes, though!

  • Super cute dish. I take my ring off when I shower or do the dishes and I just typically put it on the sink.

  • You have such a pretty engagement ring. I don't take mine off or rarely, I should say. The only time it comes off is when I'm lifting weights. I couldn't deal if I bent the ring.

    xo have a great day hun

  • That's a really cute idea!! I'm nervous for when I get engaged because I feel like I'm always losing my jewerly!