Where Do You Put Your Ring?

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So, I HARDLY ever take off my engagement ring. 
If I am painting, doing yard work, or some crazy project I’ll take off my ring. 
But I feel lost without my ring! & I always freak that I will loose my ring! But now thanks to Pearls & Pennies I know my ring will be safe when it is not on my hand! 
This is THE perfect ring dish! 
I love having that “go-to” place to put my ring! I never have to worry about it now! 
Ring dishes are wonderful and all, but now for something a little fun!! 
With this wedding coming up, I should stop drinking and start working out!! Maybe this amazing wine tumbler from Pearls & Pennies will give me that urge to work out.. or maybe it will give me the urge to drink more! 

Pearls & Pennies has the cutest things! You need to go check them out! 
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