5 on Monday?

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This post was supposed to be a 5 On Friday.. But life happens.. 
So now it my 5 On Monday Post.. 

On Thursday night I got to eat dinner with Justin, come home let the dogs out, Fenix ran down the hill and I got bit by the neighbor dog. So I call Justin bawling, and he came home. So a quick trip to the doctors, and a police call later, my Thursday night was over. 
((no worries the dog was up to date on shots & it wasn’t a horrible bit, could have been way worse, I was very lucky!) 

We went to the Reds vs. Braves game on Wednesday! It was a blast! (other than I forgot the tickets and we had to turn around. Luckily we were only a couple miles down the highway) 
I can’t believe how expensive beet is there! 13 dollars! CRAZY!
We went for Justin’s 27 Birthday! My sisters were able to come also! 
We have a new kitchen table! I re-finished a older table and I am completely IN LOVE with it! 
I can’t wait to show you all!! 

I have TWO giveaways going on right now on my Instagram!! 
You should go check them out! $240 Target gift card & a Wifey Shirt! 

Next weekend is a three day weekend! It is my FIRST long weekend since I started my new job & I am so excited to have a day off!! 
And that means summer is here!! 
How was your weekend?

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  • i LOVE baseball! we have a minor league team here, and it's fun but just not the same. i'm excited to see your table. it's fun but a serious amount of work to re do furniture. i have wanted to do a table for ever and ever.

  • I want to go to a baseball game so badly! It just hasn't fit into our schedule lately! Good thing the dog was up to date on its shots..my mom got bit really badly a few years back.

  • Oh no, poor dog! I can't imagine how upset I would be if that happened to my pup. It sounds like you've been having a great time! Dave and I still have to make it to a baseball game this year 🙂

  • Baseball stadium food is crazy! I do have to get a hot dog and a beer when we got to a Ranger's game though…

  • My weekend was INSANE! We are planting our massive garden and building a shed. Busy but great….looking forward to summer.