A Special Place In Our House

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Everyone has that one place in the house where you keep special things at. Our SPECIAL place is in a little table at the end of our kitchen.

The Dachshund Picture– This is from my Grandparents house. The picture was hanging on their wall since I can remember. When they moved out of the house that my father grew up in I was able to take this picture. I love this picture and it reminds me of all the good times that I had with my grandparents. It just so happens that our puppy Penny looks exactly like that!

The Police Engagement Picture- Marrying a Police Officer is us. Marrying Justin means I am marrying a police officer. Being in the police family is very important to me!

The Knight Pillow- This pillow is the start of something new. Brenda from Green Acre Gifts  made this pillow and it is amazing. It was exactly what I wanted! ((My soon to be last name is so much shorter, so its nice being able to display it!)) Brenda from Green Acre Gifts  was amazing to work with. Her customer service is wonderful & her other products are awesome!

The Picture Frame-  Justin’s dad passed away a couple years ago. I love having pictures of him around our house. I makes us know that he is always here with us. Justin got this frame at his funeral, and I love having it in our house. I know that he is with us every day, this is just a little reminder.

Do you have a special place in your house?

I love our special place.

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  • It's amazing. Wonderful special place! 🙂

  • This is very sweet- I never thought about my special place before, but it's probably our entry table. It always has fresh flowers from my husband, a wedding picture, a picture of our daughter, a photo of when my grandpa was in the National Guard, and a picture frame with a literary quote I love.

  • Aw hun the picture frame is such a great way to memorialize a loved one. xxhttp://www.fadedspring.co.uk/

  • Our entry way is our "special place." We have a collage of wedding photos and an "Established" family plaque. When people walk into our home, they can immediately see what our priorities are and the foundation of our family 🙂

  • Aww I love this!! Since moving into an apartment, our special place got smaller, but it's our tall, slender, corner book shelf with lots of little trinkets and photos we have collected over the years. I love it!

  • So sweet, love your special place! Ours is in our entryway, with pictures of both kids as babies, our wedding and lots more!

  • Beautiful little spot. 🙂 I have a few of mine, one of them in my Swarovski crystal cabinet full of pretties.
    Thanks for sharing Hun. Xo

  • How sweet! You've got a pretty special table there… It's great that you have pictures of Justin's dad throughout the house. It helps to keep the memories of passed loved ones alive.

  • After four years of marriage and a little one we have a few special places in our house. Lots of special memories build up and got spread throughout! 😉 Yours will continue to grow too!

  • This is so sweet. I wish we had a defined entry way.