5 Days A Week He Walks Out That Door

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Five Days A Week.

Five days every single week, the love of my life walks out that door. I tell him I love him & be safe, and pray that nothing happens to him. I pray for all the officers out there risking their lives to protect us.

Five days a week, I wonder what he is doing on patrol. I wonder if he is safe and okay. Five days a week he walks out that door, knowing he could never come back. Five days a week I hold my breath and say a little prayer.

Five days a week, he comes in that door. Takes off his uniform, vest and gun & gives me a kiss. Five days a week I wait for that door to open. The times it opens a minute late, I worry and all these thoughts go in my head. Five days a week I tell the love of my life that I love him, and watch him walk out that door.

I wanted to have him a reminder to be safe at work, even when I am not there to tell him when he goes to work. I want him to know that I am always thinking of him when he puts on his duty gear and walks out into a world where more people are starting to hate police officers. I want him to know that he always needs to be safe.

When I decided to re-do our door, I thought it would be perfect to put this amazing decal on it. Thanks to Imprinted Decals,  I was able to find the perfect decal. It was shipped super fast! I was really nervous about putting in on my door, but it was on so easy!

Jennifer from Imprinted Decals, has some amazing things in her shop! You must go check her out, I’m sure you can find a decal you’ll fall in love with!

I received products in exchange for my honest oponion 
Go check out her Facebook & Etsy Shop 

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  • There's a great woman behind every great man! I'm sure that you are his great one!

  • What a wonderful idea to put on your redone door! I will definitely be checking out Jennifer's shop.

  • Such a wonderful idea. I bet he loves it. And although he doesn't protect my part of the world, I'm sending a big THANK YOU to your soon-to-be husband for all he does.

  • This is so sweet! You are a great woman and it is so obvious how much you love him. What a great reminder to have on your door. xo

  • I absolutely love this idea! I want it in my home now. My husband is also a police officer (in the Marine Corps) and it can be scary to watch him leave every day. Even though he's not deployed, many don't understand that he still goes to work in a bulletproof vest and carrying a gun. It's not the easiest job to deal with.

  • This is such a sweet way to show your love! I'm loving the red door, too! Thank you for sharing!

  • Just followed your blog! You're so adorable So happy I did, it's lovely here, I think I will stay forever! haha
    xoxo rkush.blogspot.com
    love the dog cake!

  • That's super cute! Thoughts and prayers for you and your husband as he leaves each morning. Thoughts and prayers for a safe return. I shared this post with one of my freids whose husband is an officer, too!

  • That is so beautiful and creative! Thanks to you both for your sacrifices. (You are super cute BTW)

  • This is such a sweet detail for you home!

  • What a beautiful idea!

  • I LOVE this, it looks perfect and has such a beautiful thought behind it!