Dog Birthday Cake

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Not too long ago we celebrated Fienx’s Birthday. Of course, I had to bake him a cake. But it was kind of hard to find a”safe” recipe. Normally, Fenix is not allowed any people food, but I make an executive decision that he was allowed to have cake!

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  • SO EASY! I made a peanut butter cupcake for my dog for her last birthday but this looks great too.

  • Aw that is so cute that you made a cake for your doggie hope he had a good birthday

  • Wow! What a great easy recipe! My pup would love these! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Aw, my Doogins needs a cake! His birthday was in April, but he didn't get one then.

  • Awww this is so awesome and easy!! What a fantastic idea.

  • This is such a cute idea! My dogs would love it if I made them a cake!

  • Wow, super cute idea!!

  • Cute idea! I once tried to make dog treats. It was way too much work cookie cutting each treat. I should have stuck to something more simple like this.

  • Oh this is to cool! Very simple! I will have to make out dog one!

  • How cute! I don't have a dog but if I did I would totally make this 🙂

  • Super cute idea! I love that cake! I think i'll make this for our babies. Two of them have October birthdays and one has a November birthday!!

  • Adorable! And happy birthday to your pup! I feel bad because I always forget to celebrate my cats' birthdays, but I don't think there's a cat cake recipe anyway 😉

  • I have always wanted to make my dog a cake but haven't yet i know she would love it though!!

  • This is seriously the CUTEST! I have always wanted to make something for my dogs <3 I need to try this!