Pumpkin Decals

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5 Days. I would say the official freak out mode as started! But, while I’m not freaking out, I thought that I would share a little sneak peak of some of our decorations! These pumpkin decals are THE BEST. And of course come from the amazing Jennifer over at For Namesakes. If you recall, that is where I got the our first police family decor. I love this shop, everything that Jennifer has in her shop, is wonderful!

Pumpkin decal

These pumpkins will be the perfect addition to our wedding decor! 
Pumpkin decal
The best part about this post, For Namesakes, has buy one decal get one free! They are only 5 dollars! That is such a wonderful deal! 
First, buy a fake pumpkin, then the buy one get on free decal & use for years to come! Can’t wait to see all your decals!!