A Look Back In Time

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One year ago today. One year ago today Justin got down on one knee, and ask me to marry him. It is crazy how fast time went by.

In just a couple days I will be walking down the isle to the man of my dreams. It is so hard to believe that all the planning has come to an end. Let’s look back on some memories to see how we got here.

One of the first big memories would be When we got our house, I love our house and the home that it has become! I love being able to come home to a cozy and perfect house! Then we have
Justin Becoming a Police Officer, This was a big change for us, Justin working as a police officer full time. It was a weird adjustment, but I would not change being in the police family for anything. Then we got our first puppy Penny! That was a just surprise to Justin, but I just couldn’t leave her at the pound a second longer!! Justin’s Changes jobs, he loves his Sheriff job! Then the biggest thing happened, WE GOT ENGAGED! That moment was perfect, it was such a surprise! Then we we got our second baby. Fenix is for sure a daddy’s boy, he is attached to Justin at the hip! Then we had our engagement party! That was the start of the wedding party!  It was such a wonderful time!  It is so hard to believe all the wonderful times we have had. I am so ready to start the next chapter with Justin! Here is to many more memories!!