5 Things You Won’t See At My Wedding

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ONE- I will not be walking down to the traditional wedding song! Actually my bridesmaids & myself are walking down the isle to the same song! I am excited to do something a little different. I spent a lot of time finding just the right song, so I can’t wait to share the music with you!

TWO- No bouquet or garter toss. I have never wanted to do that, so it is as simple as that. We will not make all the single ladies go in the middle of the dance floor and jump for flowers.

THREE- No grand entrance for the wedding party & the bride and groom. No thank you, I have seen it all, the funny dance moves, the spotlight attention. That is just not for me. We will be there greeting the guest as they come in & as soon as everyone is there, we will do our first dance!

FOUR- The same number of bridesmaids & groomsmen. You won’t see that at my wedding! Justin wanted four guys, and I just wanted family. So I have three girls, my two sisters, and Justin’s sisters. Since day way, I told Justin it does not matter if we have the same amount of people. We picked who we wanted to be in our wedding, because they are special to us, not because we needed a number.

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FIVE- A flower girl. Nope no flower girl at this wedding. We didn’t have anyone around the age of a flower girl, so we just decided that we would have a ring bearer. I know our little guy will steal the show, and make up for us not being able to have a flower girl.

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I also want to add, these things won’t be in our wedding, because they don’t fit for us. But if you did have them in your wedding, or you will have them in your wedding, then it is perfect for you! That is one thing I learned about wedding planning, do what you want and what makes you happy!