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Hello everyone! While I am heading off to Mexico for my Honeymoon, I thought I would leave you with some amazing ideas from hapinesswherever.com

About hapinesswherever.com : 

“Creative lifestyle blog with regular designer and TV series inspired DIYs. Along the way, I blog about what I use (Makeover Monday– beauty products), where I go (Wandering Wednesday: hapinesswithoutapassport), how I save money (Thrifty Thursday– up cycling), what I eat (Foodie Friday) and what I do ( Summary Saturday: week in review!)” 

Designer fashion is deliciously wearable but the price? Not so! Luckily we have these amazing designer inspired DIYs which are easy to make and easy to wear! A quick pop into your local bead shop (or online one!) and within 30 minutes, you can make yourself ALL 3 of these pieces that wouldn’t look amiss on the runway. 

The Stripe is one of my favourite DIY blogs because Grace is just so nice. She also comes up with really nice designer DIYs, such as this J Crew-esque bracelet! For full tutorial and photo credits, do visit: thestripe.com

I love Liberty’s for all its quirky designers, such as Astley Clarke, but at over 300 dollars  a bracelet, they’re sadly not on my affordable list. Thankfully they are super easy to DIY! 5 minutes & you should have made your own. For full tutorial and photo credits, do visit: hapinesswherever.com
Anthropologie is one of the most hack-ed designer brands, so how could we leave it out of this list? Full tutorial and photo credit on: hapinesswherever.com
For more designer inspired DIY hacks, do visit 
Thanks hapinesswherever.com, for such a wonderful post!