Marriage Advice From Others

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“You really do have to be equally yoked. Be on the same page. Don’t keep secrets from each other. Both husband and wife need to be giving 100% of their love and attention to each other and the marriage, it just makes life so much better.” —Justine

“I think our marriage is so strong because we encourage each other to have and pursue separate interests and spend time with our own friends.  Even now with kids and a family, I think it’s so important for us both to have hobbies and activities we like to do on our own and strong friendships to keep us connected to that person we fell in love with all those years ago.”–Sara

“Seriously, keep the spark alive. My husband and I got complacent in our relationship and it started to feel like I was just his roommate. Don’t stop kissing and cuddling or let things fall into a rut. Get dressed up, go out and court each other! Don’t hound each other about chores and responsibilities around the house all the time. There’s a time and a place for that but it doesn’t have to dominate your marriage.”– Rebekah

Keep communication lines open. You will go through hard times, but keep the communication lines open and stay committed to each other. It will require hard work at times, that’s okay! All good things do.” — Kara

stop having fun together! That doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of
money. Get a $5 pizza and hang out. Always put one another first. Don’t
ever stop!”– Carrie

Remember that you are on the same team. It isn’t wife vs. husband it’s husband & wife vs. the world.”– Teressa  

What is your best marriage advice?  


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  • All great pieces of advice, I agree with them, especially having separate interests. The best advice I received was keep your issues behind closed doors and between the two of you. Obviously if there are BIG issues you can go outside for thoughts, but the small mundane annoyances shouldn't leave the house.

  • I agree with all of these, although when you have 3 kids it's a bit hard to get a sitter and be able to do the second one. My best advice is to not hold resentment. Sometimes your spouse can do something that hurts your feelings and you say you forgive them, but then you bring it up later! DON'T DO THAT. It is horrible for your marriage. Forgive and let it go! Great post!

  • This is all so good!!

  • Such great advice! I agree with all of it. I just witnessed my parents go through a divorce and one of their biggest issues was communication and not working together as a team so that's super important in our marriage. We're very open and honest with one another which helps a lot when trying to communicate an issue. I also love the advice that P!nky had. We keep all issues to ourselves. What happens in our marriage stays in our marriage.

  • I agree, communication is extremely important. We talk a lot about how we are feeling and anything we need to get off our chests. If we disagree, that's ok sometimes, just make sure we are on the same team for the important things.

  • Loved reading all of these, and thanks for including mine Kara. I really liked the advice from Carrie about having fun together, so important!

  • these are such great nuggets of wisdom! thank you for sharing!