Make Money From Your Old Clothes

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So I admit, I hate getting rid of clothes. I hate getting rid of things that I spent my money on! But with Poshmark you can sell your clothes for money! It is so easy to use. It is super easy to upload your clothes, and does not take a lot of time at all! I have made over 300 dollars on clothes that would I have just not worn.You can also find great deals for clothes too! You can make an offer to the buyer, and find the perfect price for the both of you!

Between making offers, printing out shipping labels, the whole experience is extremely easy! Buying clothes is great too! If it doesn’t fit you can return it with no hassle!

Sign Up Today,  and use the code “HFEQA” and get free FIVE DOLLARS!

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  • I also loathe throwing out my money by getting rid of clothes. It makes me so sad! This sounds like a great solution.

  • I tried using Thread Up and I sent a huge bag of clothes, I barely got anything and they were all great items. I was pretty bummed. Hopefully this is a better way!

    • Poshmark is you set the price for your item. It sells Poshmark gets 20% and they send you shipping labels. It a fun atmosphere to make money on clothing

  • Hm, much easier than finding the nearest consignment shop for sure.

  • I have used Postmark for a while and I loooooove it. So convenient for the seller!

  • I didn't realize what poshmark was, thanks for sharing! I've got some shoes I need to sell and this might be a great tool.

  • I am top seller on Poshmark love it and its easy to sell as well as buy.

  • Poshmark is awesome!
    I use Plato's closet as well for when I have huge bundles of clothing that I need to get rid of.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys