It’s Christmas Time

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Can you believe that today is the last day of November. Where did this year go? I can’t believe we have one last month of 2015! But, now that Thanksgiving is over, I can officially say it’s Christmas Time! I just love the holiday season! Spending time with family, having all the Christmas Decorations up, having the fireplace on. What more could you want?

Christmas Decorations and Printables

I am also super excited so show you one of the new prints I received from Lora at Craftivity Designs. I love how printable have become so popular! they are an inexpensive way to have great decorations!

I received this product in return for my opinion. Once again all thoughts are my own

Love this “Ho Ho Ho” printable! It goes perfect with all my picture frames! Lora has way more than just Christmas designs, so make sure you go check out her Etsy Shop! ((Also, Just for you guys, she is giving away three FREE printables!)

 Arn’t these just amazing! Just think of all the places you could use these at your house! The giveaway will be on on Instagram so don’t forget to check it out! Easy to enter.. Easy to win!

Our house is “officially” ready for Christmas, and I am so excited to show your all!

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  • Your home definitely looks ready for the holidays! Very pretty. I love a good holiday print 🙂

  • Everything looks nice! Good job!

  • Everything looks beautiful, can't wait to get all of my decorations up!

  • Your house is seriously SO festive!! Your tree is fantastic, and I love that little tray on the coffee table. I might have to steal that idea 🙂

  • Your decorations are so cute! The bulk of ours are going up this weekend but I am already excited about it!

  • Aw, your home looks so cozy!! Love your Holiday card holder 🙂 And thanks for sharing those cute prints!

    XO Kass

  • Cute decorations! We just pulled out the rest of ours this weekend; I'm excited because our new condo has a fireplace so I get to actually "hang" our stockings up by them!

  • Love the idea of hanging the stockings down from your entertainment center. I guess I always think that I need a fire place to hang stockings, althought I did hang them on the wall last year lol. That wood wall of pictures is super cute! I did something similar, but on the wall.

    Kaitlyn @

  • Looks gorgeous! You are a great decorator!

  • Those prints are so cute! I love the Christmas season–it's just so happy!

  • Your Christmas decorations are so classy! I love them! <3

  • I love all your Christmas decor! It all looks so pretty!

  • I love the wood photo display over the couch!