2016 Blogging Goals

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Reach 20,000 Social Media Followers – I have really be focusing on my Instagram. I finally hit over 10K. But now I need to focus on my Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook. It is hard getting good content on all social media platforms without repeating everything a thousand times!

Reach 500 Blog Followers– I have been stagnate lately. Between Bloglivin’ & GFC I have been around 400 followers for the last year-ish or so. So I am ready to start growing my blog!

Post Consist– No one wants to follow a blog that post randomly. So my goal is to get a set schedule, so you all know when I am going to blog! ((What do you think the best days to blog are?))

Monetize my Blog– Who doesn’t want this? With twenty grand of school loans hanging over my head, a little extra money would be wonderful! Also, I feel I would be a “successful” blogger.

Interact with my Followers – I love getting to know all of you! I think it is hard getting to know each and every one. But I am if you think my life is interesting enough to read my blog then I want to get to know you!!

So help me out make sure you are following me on my social media, on the right hand side!

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  • Such great goals! I am right there with you on about all of these! Good luck in 2016!

    xo, Alice

  • Great goals, congrats on your IG. One of my goals this year us also engagement and interaction. In my opinion it's what takes the most time!

  • Great Goals! All the things I am working on also.

  • Great goals girl! I want to utilize Pinterest more and post more often! 2016 will be great! 🙂

  • Wow girl, good job! How did you grow your social media so quickly? What's your tips for growing instagram?

  • When I worked, I blogged Mon, Wed, and Fri.

  • Amazing goals! I'm totally focusing on blogging more & building my relationships with the girls that are in the group!!

  • Yes to all of these!
    Good luck with your goals girl.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • These are awesome goals! You can do it!!

  • Great goals!! You can totally do this. My goal is to get to 10K so hopefully I can make it happen!

  • Love all of your goals!! Way to go on IG… We have nothing there. We are really focused on growing our email list for now.

  • You're goals are so awesome!! You're doing amazing on Instagram!! What did you find to be the best strategy to grow your social media? Posting consistently is one of my goals as well. Right now, I'm on a M,W,F schedule – but I'm not finding as much traction on Fridays – so I'm considering switching over to Thursdays and seeing how that does for a while!

  • Awesome goals and very specific!! Best of luck!

  • Goals that we can all live by. All the best for your blog in 2016

  • Great goal, wishing you every success. Can you tell me what GFC is? I did a search and couldn't work it out.

  • �� How do you get so many Instagram followers?? Share your secrets please!