Stop Living For Life For Others

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With so much on social media, people think that we need to be perfect. Well guess what everyone. We don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be yourself!
Here are four ways to stop living life for others and start living your life for yourself. 

Take Your Own Advice  You know that voice in your head, listen to it! Do what makes you happy. Talk yourself into taking risks. Do what is best for yourself! Sometimes, you have to put yourself first. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion, you have a voice for a reason, so make sure you are heard.

Listen To Others With Caution Remember, you know what is best for you. Yes, some people may think they know what is best for you, but they don’t. Of course, you want to listen to everyone who wants to help you in life, but at the end of the day life has to be your choice.

Applaud yourself  Be happy with yourself. Don’t wait for others to give you credit. Pat yourself on the back, and believe you did a good job. This can be so hard. With all the social media these days, people feel like they are never good enough. We need to stop feeling like that, feel like you are the best! Give yourself some confidence! Don’t wait for social media to accept you.

Love Yourself  I mean at the end of the day, if you don’t love yourself who will?  Remember to live your life for yourself. Do what makes YOU happy. Stop looking at others for the “okay” in life. Stop comparing yourself to others, it will only bring you down. Especially on social media… people have the tendency’s  to show only the good in their life, so don’t compare your life to theirs.

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  • Love it!! It's so true and something that is very difficult to do but when you can get to a place of living life for yourself, it makes all the difference. Sometimes I think it's hard to remember that there are times when it's okay to be a little selfish!

  • These are great reminders and I am going to pin this. I need to implement these for myself. Thanks!

  • Great points! Great advice. I find so many people are too hard on themselves and not just on the internet. I see this more and more each day! I also find so many people on social media have such low self esteem that they look for approval through the things they post. We as people need to feel that we are enough without others approval. Thanks for this post to remind others that who they are is enough.

  • These are great tips. Honestly, it's so hard to stop living your life for others when it's just become your habit for so long. But these are great reminders!

  • Good advice . . . to thine ownself be true!

  • Well said. I agree that too many people live in a reality where they feel they need to be perfect. Instead they should be focusing on what will truly make them happy! Thanks for posting this!

  • Good tips! Always important to take care of yourself!

  • Love this list! I especially like the Applaud yourself one. I think it is important for people to set personal goals and achieve them without using social media to gain instant gratification and justification for goals.

  • Great advice! I think applauding yourself and loving yourself are spectactular advice! You've got to love yourself before you can love anyone else and it's okay to give yourself some applause. If you're happy with something you've done, you deserve to be happy because of it!

  • such great advice – I think this is such a hard thing to do. there are so many ways to compare yourself, see how youre keeping up ect – such great reminds!

  • "You know what is best for you…" LOVE IT. Sometimes I care too much about what other peoples' opinions are. Aren't you in the Instagram Posse? Great to catch up and connect in the blogosphere. Cheers.

  • So true. I find myself relying on others way too much. Great advice!

  • I think that it's important to surround yourself with people who build you up. My husband tells me all the time (and I reciprocate) how proud of me he is when I accomplish something and supports me when I decide it's time to do something for myself – like look for a new job.

  • Love this – we have to forget forgetting about ourselves! Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder! xxx

  • I love these! I know I often do things for others and not myself and I need to remember these tips because it will make me happier in the end.

    xo, Kimberly

  • Such a great post and so true. When we stop living for others, we actually start living. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • Rhi

    Great advice. I live to be me, to be happy.

  • Love this! I got caught in a rut for a few years where I was living my life exactly the way my parents wanted me to and I was completely miserable. It was challenging to re-focus myself and only make choices for ME, but I'm so much happier because of it 🙂

  • This is fantastic advice! I think living for yourself really helps you figure out what you want and need and are passionate about in your life. It actually makes you a better person for the other people in your life.

  • Great post!!! I wrote a post back before I was "really" blogging about how social media breeds contentment for me. I'd forgotten about it until now. Would love for you to link up-

  • Such great tips!! Thank you for sharing these.

  • Love this! Once you finally start living life for yourself, whether you are newly married or have a new baby, and stop letting others dictate how it is suppose to be, it is so freeing!

  • Great thoughts and points…. especially after raising children and everyone pulling at us from different directions! I think it's important to learn self-care and self-love early on… and don't be swayed by what others say!

  • Great tips! I struggle with worry about what others think or advise. Not a good thing! Thank you for the reminders!

  • This is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing! I like this for the beginning of the year as well — it's a nice reminder that you need to live for yourself, and what better time to remember and begin living that way than the new year? Thanks again Kara 🙂

  • These are great tips! I’m always really bad about taking my own advice and don’t applaud myself enough. It’s like I need other people to do it for me. But then I remember that I can do it myself and celebrate me!