7 Ways You Know You Love A Police officer

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I Am A Police Wife

1. The Vest – That vest that stinks no matter how much febreeze you spray on it, or whatever you do. It takes up too much room in your closet, but when he’s working and wearing the vest, you wish it was back in its spot. The sound of them taking it off, and that velcro is the best sound that anyone can hear. It means that they are home safe.

2. You can never Schedule more than a week out in life – Planning holiday’s or really anything for that matter is never easy. You think they are getting off at a certain time, and its three hours later, and then they are exhausted when they get off. Their schedules are so difficult! But, you learn to work with it. You learn to hate to so much that you love it.

3. Working late nights and longs shifts – Hence the above statement, (you can’t schedule anything), but they put in so many hours. As soon as their shift is over, you wait by the phone. If minutes past and they don’t call you worry & call them praying that they are just stuck late with paperwork. You get happy when they get that single second to send you a text to tell you they love you. Any communication while they are on duty is rare but so amazing.

4. Being so proud when you see them in uniformย Weather they have been in uniform once or ten thousand times. Nothing changes, you are so proud and want to show them off to the world. I love when I am able to see my officer in uniform. It makes me the proudest wife.

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5. The amount of white tee’s or undershirts that you have to wash The amount of white tee’s I have to wash is crazy! And washing the uniform, switching over the uniforms, all the buttons, everything! It takes time, and I feel like we are switching uniforms over all the time. But, then once again I would not trade it for anything!

6. Finding bullets in the washing machine I thought this was something wives just said, but no.. it happens. I was shocked when I was changing the laundry and there was a bullet in our washing machine. I thought yep, its official, I live with a police officer.

7. LOVING YOUR HERO Loving your police officer is the greatest thing in life. They go to work every day, putting their life on the line. But you support them, you support the hard lifestyle that you both agreed to. You love it & wouldn’t change it for the world.

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  • Love this! Some of these are just part of loving a man in uniform. The amount of undershirts is crazy. While the white ones are few and far between, the blue ones take up a load themselves. That and black socks.

    Tell your husband "Thank you" for his service. Just like any man in uniform, it is a thankless job at times but there are those of us that appreciate their sacrifice and your sacrifice as well!

  • I can't imagine how worried you must be sometimes! I love those kindof posts from you since I don't have police officers in my close family/friends, it makes me learn about what it's like!

  • I'm the daughter of a police officer and when I lived at home, all of the blue laundry, it was craziness! & let's not talk about how I could never fold his uniform pants just how he liked them. OY, but I wouldn't trade the Blue Line family for anything.

  • I love this SO much. I couldn't agree more that that vest smells no matter what you do to it, but also symbolizes so much. It's the best sound in the world to hear him walk through the front door after a long day and hear the velcro of his vest as he takes it off. Like you said, it means he's home safe and sound. And it amazes me how many bullets I find. They're in the car and in his laundry. Even in random kitchen drawers. They're everywhere! lol but I couldn't be more proud of my husband and everything that he does ๐Ÿ™‚

  • GREAT post! Unless you are part of a law enforcement family I just don't think one can fully understand the life. I am a new follower, over from IG ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have been married to my deputy for 15 years and he is on his 16th year with the job. Moving up the ranks he is a detective now so there are less random bullets, blue undershirts have been replaced by white ones and added a closet full of work suits and ties. But somethings never change and are even magnified over the years – especially the LONG hours of swat call outs, middle of the night call ins and just a basic knowledge that there is no such thing as leaving work "on time". This comment may sound negative to some but it's not. This is the life and I love it and my husband 100%!!! Plus, having a personal body guard is pretty awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰