5 Ways To Reduce Your Dogs Energy

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5 Ways To Reduce Your Dogs Energy

Walks/Runs – Taking your dog regularly on walks/runs can do great deals, when it comes to getting your dog tired. ( We really need to work on that). I am thinking when Justin switches to third, I will try to talk Fenix a lot more. So he does’t keep Justin up during the day.

Puzzles and Toys– Fenix & Penny both loves toys! But my new favorite thing to get them are puzzle toys. Not only do they enjoy playing with them, but it works their mind at the same time! Thanks to Chewy for sending us this great puzzle! Fenix loves it & even carries it around the house!

Want the puzzle that Fenix has, click here!

5 Ways To Reduce Your Dogs Energy
I received this product in return for my opinion. Once again all thoughts are my own

Fenced In Yard  Getting a fence was our saving grace! I know not everyone has the means, or the yard for a fence. But if you can get a fenced in yard, I would highly recommend it! Fenix will stay outside and run around like crazy!

Dog Park  Fenix loves going to the dog park! And the best part for me? When we get home he sleeps for a couple hours straight! It is also great for him to be able to go out and play with other dogs, (other than the slobber part, I could do without that). When ever you ask Fenix if he wants to go to the dog park he goes crazy!

Standard Sleeping Schedule Keeping Fenix on a regular sleeping schedule is key for us! He knows when I go to bed, and then sleeps until Justin’s gets up. (I feel like his is like a human!) But, for us it works!

What do you do to get your dogs energy out?


  • If we ever get a dog, I will definitely make sure we're at a house with a fenced in yard – helps so much! Those puzzle toys also sound so fun for the dogs!

  • hmmm puzzle toys sound most interesting. I don't have a pet yet but I tend to get Christmas presents for my friends puppy.

  • We moved to our new house because it was minutes from an amazing dog park. That has been our saving grace and it keeps our pups happy for much of the week. I can't wait until our puppy is done with medical treatments and gets to go too. We tried the puzzles with the older dog, but she figures them out in about a minute. Instead, we put a treat in her Kong and hide it. She loves trying to find it.

  • Will have to try some of these! Thanks for sharing

  • Our dog loves to go for a good run in the backyard!

  • We don't have a dog yet, but we do have part of the yard that's fenced in. We're just waiting for our boys to get a little older.

  • I have a 3 year old German Shepard and I'm literally about to go insane with how much energy he has haha my husband is stationed overseas for a year and unfortunately, the dog and I are living in a friend's house for the time being until he returns home. No fenced in yard and we have one room to ourselves. He literally barks all day now. I take him for walks as often as I can but it's wintertime so we both get cold and I'd love to not kill myself by slipping on ice. It's horrible. A huge fenced in yard is at the very tippy top of my wish list for our next home.

  • Thanks for sharing these tips! I will surely try them 🙂

  • Never really heard about the puzzle toys! I'll have to go to my local pet stores and check them out! XO

  • This is a constant struggle for us! Leia has SO much energy! We live in an apartment (and don't have a yard) which doesn't help. But we're buying a house this year and I know having a fenced in yard is going to make a world of difference!

  • Oh man, do I remember those days! My fur babe is 10 now, and her energy is pretty low, but she was a crazy when she was young! When she was a puppy I'd freeze peanut butter or chicken stock in a Kong just to get 30 minutes of peace. She absolutely destroys all Kongs, toys, and puzzles now though. I like your routine tip, dogs love routine and mine will put herself to bed. It's adorable!