Why You Don’t Need A No Spend Month

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I’m sure you have all heard of this “no spend” month. Where you only spend money on the necessities, and nothing else! I sounds like a great idea! I was all for it, I told Justin how we were not going to spend any money in  January. How we were going to save so much money & be happy that we were saving so much money! People talk so highly of it, but I don’t see many people talk about it during and after the process. After thinking about it, I came up with more reason’s you shouldn’t have a no spend month than should.

It does not save money- So you don’t shop for a month, or you don’t go out to each for a month. Is that going to stop you next month? No… It won’t. You’ll spend just the same amount or even more the next couple months, so the whole saving money is out the window.

The miserable and boring part. You can’t go out and do anything, you can’t go out to eat. You can’t even order pizza! Life is supposed to be fun! We are supposed to be able to go out with friends. Yes, I know you are saying it is only one month.. But what if you have  friends getting married? Do you not spend any money on them? Or if a friend comes in from out of town, do you tell them you can’t go out with them? It just makes it hard. Things always come up in life. 

What do you consider necessities? If you as my husband that question and myself that question you will get two totally different answers. For me it would the wine, candy, and anything I really want in the grocery store. For him it would be tea and frozen pizzas. During the no spend month, I bet your necessities list grows long. So that doesn’t really help you save money.

So there are my three main reasons why you should not participate in a “No Spend Month.”

What do you think? Do you like or dislike the method of having a “No Spend Month?” 

  • Make a budget and stick with it, plain and simple.

  • I like this perspective! I've never tried no spend months simply because I know they wouldn't work for me.

  • I don't know if I could do a whole month. We've talked about doing No Spend Weeks, but that's never really panned out either.

  • I've never done a no-spend month, but I certainly think people should be living by a budget. When Dave and I sat down and took a look at our finances, we found we were spending a LOT of money on ordering out, going out, random trips to Target, etc. I actually assume doing a no-spend would save a LOT of money, because by trimming down out budget and limiting the # of dinners out and shopping trips we make, we were already able to save a significant amount each month.

  • Hmm, I was thinking of doing a no spend month but these are all wonderful points why not to do it! I love your point that life is supposed to be fun. Maybe I can cut back on the make up I buy or un-necessary things like that but you're so right! Life should be fun!

  • I have no intentions of doing a "no-spend month". I'd rather learn how to live frugally as a life-style than just say "this month I will spend nothing".
    However, I do think that different things work for different people. Just because I don't quite "get it", doesn't mean it can't be incredibly helpful for someone else.
    But as a general rule, I much more believe in lifestyle changes that aid in being able to save money over time than I do just not spending money one month.

  • A no spend month can never work! Even if you don't spend on anything extra, the list goes increasing and then you buy all of that in the next month which makes it useless. I'm a student and I spend 50% and save 50% and that works well for me! 🙂

  • No spending months are hard. I feel like its super hard in the DC area because everyone goes out to eat and there's always someone visiting. I turn down invites all the time, but then there are those days when Im super tired and dont feel like cooking…

  • I like no spend months… Just because it helps me see what I do need to pull back on. Does that make sense? It helps me adjust my budget. But I do agree with you that it's useless if you just go back to your old spending habits!

  • I've done no spend "periods" — never an official month.. but several weeks. The "no spend" is usually aimed at a category as opposed to everything. I think of these time periods as a challenge to DO things, instead of BUY things. For example, finish DIY projects or crafts that I've bought supplies for but never completed… clean out my closet and get it organized before I go out to buy things I think I might need for the next season (when they actually might just be hidden in my closet). I've never really thought of it in terms of entertainment — but the same could apply — get creative with family game nights or something as opposed to going to the movies.

  • Until you are ready to be a non-consumer, there's not a point in a no spend month.
    The entire point of a 'no spend' month is to make you really assess what true needs are and to separate your wants and help distinguish ways to change your spending. #BlogPassionProject

  • I think I could handle a month of no spending — especially if all that I make for that month goes to my emergency savings fund — which I never touch so I will ultimately end up saving. I'm currently focusing on not buying anymore makeup products until I use up the ones I have. It's interesting to see others perspectives on this though 🙂

    xoxo, Jenny

  • Unfortunately, I think you’ve missed the point of a No Spend Month. Those who are interested in actually committing in a No Spend don’t consider wine and candy a necessity. Many won’t even consider buying groceries appropriate. It’s about committed to revamping your finances.
    Committing to a new spend is about much more than just saying it, it’s about committing to thinking about every purchase you make and what it’s value is. It’s committing to not buy anything that you’re buying just because which wine and chocolate is.

  • Hmm. I like the idea of refocusing in on finances, but I think I’d prefer to just make a change for good instead of limiting it to one month!

    Coming Up Roses

  • I think if I had a no spend month, I’d just spend more the following month.

  • For where I’m at and as I am taking steps to become a minimalist, I think a no-spend month would be great for me!

  • Shannon Willett Ketchum

    I agree with you – Just stick with a budget all year long!