Our Rustic Couple Wedding Shower!

Rustic couple wedding shower
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Welcome to Wedding Talk Tuesday! I am so excited to finally be able to share my couple wedding shower with you all! It was amazing! My family did an amazing job throwing Justin & I the best couple wedding shower!


Wedding talk wedding shower


Why We Had A Couple Wedding Shower?

My Answer? Why not? It was so much fun being able to have Justin be apart of all of the festivities! We were able to have all Justin’s friends there and all our groomsmen! Not only were we able to have Justin’s guy friends at the shower, we were able to have my Uncle’s and all my cousins!  It was more of a gathering than a shower! It was so nice being able to have everyone there!  Justin’s mom did throw me a traditional wedding shower, so lucky for me I was able to have the best of both worlds!

Rustic couple wedding shower

My Advice For A Couple’s Wedding Shower

Assembly Line- What does that mean? Have an area where people walk in & you greet them right away. Greet them, thank them for taking time out of their day to come to your shower & then open your gift from them. It is a great way to make it personal. You can open everyone’s gift in front of them. ( Everyone know’s that is the most boring part of any wedding shower- watching them open gifts.) Well, with this way the only people who have to watch you open a gift are the people who gave you the gift! Also, I highly dislike becing the center of attetion, so this made it way less stressful for me!

Hire A Photographer- It makes it so much easier on everyone! If I didn’t hire a photographer, my mom or sister would have been worried the whole time about getting pictures! It makes it so much easier on everyone! Also, remember the “assembly line” I talked about above. That is a perfect time to make sure you get a picture with everyone who comes to your shower! (These are great pictures to add to your thank you notes to make your thank you notes more personalized!)couple wedding shower rustic

Open House- Making your couples shower an open house is such a good idea! For our shower, we had a starting time and that was it. That it made is super easy! People started coming around 4 pm and I don’t think some left til midnight! I tell you it was one amazing party! Having an open house makes it so easy for everyone! They don’t have to spend their whole day there. If some guest had things to do that night they could stop by and say hi, and not feel bad about having to leave early.


Have plenty of food and drinks- Trust me, no one wants to go to a shower that doesn’t have food and drinks! My family had that covered! Of course, we had a make a beer run (Justin’s friends really know how to drink.) My mom made some amazing food & I know that everyone loved all the food! So, my uncles may not have been too happy that they had to go to a wedding shower, but I know the great food and drinks made up for that!Couple Wedding Shower Rustic





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  • Ashley Chase

    We had a couples wedding shower and it was so much fun! It was a stock the bar party and it was so worth it! We had a magician and everything!

  • Lilly’s Home Design

    I love the little daisies in the mason jars, so simple!

  • I haven’t heard of a couples wedding shower, but this sounds like a great idea and a way to make it more fun. Such a great idea to open up gifts in front of each person in an assembly line, too.

  • Neely

    I love the rustic theme!

  • I think it would have been really fun to have a couple’s shower!

  • We did a couples wedding shower and it was great! I loved having everyone there that we loved celebrate with us!

  • What a cute idea!
    I’d love to have a couple’s shower for my fiance and I.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • Nicole Leith

    I love these decorations! They are similar to the decor that we had at our wedding. I felt so awkward at my all-girl shower. A mixed shower could have been so much better1

  • This is so cute!! I want to have a rustic theme when we eventually have our real wedding. We eloped so we never did any of this haha

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    I like the idea of a couple’s wedding shower because it is technically the two of you getting married! 🙂

  • Katie Flint

    I love this post! I’m getting married in November, and I’m still on the fence between a wedding and a bridal shower. Our wedding theme is “woodlands in the fall” so to speak so your decorations are right up our alley.


    Katie, thefutureceoblog.blogpost.com

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