Tips to Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer

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Another Wedding Talk Tuesday is here again, and I’ll tell you my five tips to find the best wedding photographer. Check out the past couple weeks Our wedding shower and Gifts for the father of the bride. One thing I took very serious for my wedding was finding the right photographer for my wedding. Pictures are something that you can not get back, so it is important to find the right wedding photographer.

finding the right wedding photographer

Tips On Finding The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Simple Wedding PhotosDecide One or Two

I knew from the beginning that I wanted two photographers on my wedding day. I just felt more comfortable knowing that there were
going to be two people taking pictures! I am so glad that I went with my thoughts! With having two photographers one was able to be with the men while getting ready and one was with me! It made everything seamlessly.



Know Your Style

What kind of photos do you want? Elaborate, simple, clean? I knew that I wanted simple photos that didn’t look edited. It took a lot of Simple Rustic Wedding Themelooking through wedding photographers portfolios to find exactly what I was looking for. If you don’t like the style of photos in their portfolio, most likely you will not like your wedding photos.

Do you want a wedding video too?

I knew that I wanted a wedding video. But I also knew how expensive they were. It just wasn’t something that was in my budget. So, I asked my photographer if they knew any videographers. That was the best thing I did, they replied that they just started doing wedding videos! I was in luck, it was in my budget since I would be doing both photography & videography with them. So if you know that you want a wedding video, you might want to try a photographer who does both. I just might save you money in the long run!

Want to see my wedding video- Check it out here.


wedding shoesPrices + Packages

Set a round about price. Make sure you look into everything. What does the package include? 8 Hours of photography? Or only 6 hours? Does it include 100 edits, or only 5? Do you get the digital release to all the prints, or do you have to buy all the prints from your wedding photographer?  A couples weeks after our wedding we had a five-minute wedding video and over 900 amazing wedding photos! I was able to print any and all of the photos where ever I wanted to, and that I believe is the way to go!Simple Wedding Photos

Time Frame + Overtime

My wedding photographer helped me make a timeline, and that was so helpful! I knew exactly what was happening when! I knew that I wanted two photographers for 8 hours. That meant that we had to take pictures of hair and makeup because I had to figure out the right time that I needed my photographers. But, check with your wedding photographer to see if they will work over time? If you want them to stay an hour late, will they? The last thing you want is more pictures and no wedding photographer.


Simple Wedding photo

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  • Great tips!

  • Joules (Pocketful of Joules)

    Great tips! When I was planning my wedding choosing the photographer was one of the most important choices to me. Pictures live on forever!

  • Great post! We will have two photographers as well as it was included in our package which is exciting!
    I am so excited for the big day.
    xoxo, Jenny

  • Paige Allison

    900 images?! Holy cow. I got 700 and thought that was excessive – I only really wanted 30-50 of the best shots! I’d totally recommend having two photographers at a wedding so that shots aren’t missed and different angles can be taken. Great post!

  • YourPerfectWeddingPhotographer

    Great advice and all so true. We showcase some f the best in the UK –

  • Ashley Chase

    I would definitely agree with making sure you know how long the photos will take to get back to you. I got married at a hectic time – the weekend before Thanksgiving so I knew with the Holidays coming up it was going to be a little longer – she said about 2 months. Then 2 months came and no pictures I emailed her and she said they were almost done. 3 months and nothing. So now after 3 months and 10 days we finally got our pictures back yesterday but holy cow were these pictures worth the wait!!! We got almost 900 photos back and I loved every one of them!! I would definitely use my photographer again because she was amazing to work with!

  • Great tips, our wedding pictures are still my favorite to this day!

  • Your new header looks great! Love it!

  • Marion Kalb

    Make sure you like your photographer as a person. Whoever you have picked him up to be your picture taker who will be around you and your family for a long time on the greatest day of your life. So you need to feel good with him and the greater part of all, be able to TRUST him.

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