The Alternative Wedding Bands

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Alternative wedding band police ring
I received these products in return for my opinions. All thoughts are my own.

So you all know my husband Justin is a Sheriff Deputy, if not, you can read about it here, here, and here. Police officers have a different view on wedding rings. The alternative wedding bands are becoming very popular.

There are certain occupations where traditional wedding rings don’t always work. A police officer, firefighter, paramedics, doctor, nurse, contractors & so many more other occupations where tradition wedding rings just don’t work. So that is where the Fit Ring comes in!

Fit Ring is perfect for any male or female who wants to show their love to their significate other without being flashy, or wearing a traditional wedding band. For police officers, there are so many views from each side. Some police wives say that they don’t want their husband wearing a ring at all while on duty. They don’t anyone on the outside to know that they have a family. It sounds odd, I know. But trust me, being a police wife myself that sounds completely normal. Others don’t wear a traditional for the safety reasons. If for some reason they were injured you can’t easily cut it off. A traditional wedding band can get stuck and cause injury. The Fit Ring is safe, simple, convenient and very inexpensive.


Fit Ring Alternative Wedding Band

One tAlternative Wedding Bands police officerhe best things about Fit Ring is their commitment to first responders. The Arthletic Family has chosen to support our troops and law enforcement by donating a percentage of the proceeds from all thing blue line Fit Ring purchases to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. This in itself makes me love this brand!

Alternative Wedding Bands Are Not Only For Men

If you know me at all, I love my wedding
rings! More like obsessed with them! But I am always nervous to get it dirty, or ruin it somehow. Fit Ring is perfect for females as well! When working outside, or doing my DIY projects I always worry aboutThe alternative wedding bands for women getting my ring dirty. But, now I just switch rings and all my worries are gone!  They come in so many different colors and size, I know you can find one that is perfect for you or your significant other!











alternative wedding band uniform

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  • I love these! I’m with the kids, or teaching dance with kids, so I don’t like to have my ring on all the time. I’ve been looking for an alternative and this is perfect!

  • I love this! My husband is a police officer it the Marine Corps so he’s constantly having to take his ring off depending on what he’s doing that day. We’ve only been married for a little over two years and his wedding band is already super scratched and cracking haha it’s horrible. But he too isn’t a huge fan of wearing it all the time while he’s at work because, like you said, he doesn’t like others to know he has a family or for them to track down where he lives or anything like that. At the same time it also bothers him when he doesn’t wear it haha so he’ll wear it until he has to get out of the patrol car. I’ll have to show these to him!

  • Oh that is an awesome idea for those who are hard on their rings!

  • These are such a great option! I remember when I was younger my aunt took me to the beach and she ended up losing her wedding ring in the sand because of all the sunscreen on her hands but if these were around, she wouldn’t have had anything to worry about!

    XO, Rachel

  • Bree Hogan

    This is a really cool idea! I would use it for when I go travelling, I’m definitely going to check it out!

    • Yes! I wish I could have had this during my honeymoon! It would have been so nice!

  • MrsBarBelle

    Love that I came across this! I literally just wrote about the QALO ring which is very similar to the Fit Ring and both my husband and I love them!!