When Life Gets In The Way

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What do you do when life gets in the way?

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So my goals for April have gone a little haywire. You know why? Life got in the way!


When Life Gets In The Way…

So, at the beginning of the month, I thought about all the goals I wanted to achieve this month. Cleaning, bringing up my blogging stats & so much more! But life got in the way. Justin had a three day weekend (so I slacked off on my house duties to spend time with him), I had to work all weekend. We decided to start some major yard work. I think it is okay when life gets in the way. Trust me, I am a huge fan of schedules, and I like to know when things will be done. But to be honest, I was nice walking away from life quotes 1the blog for a week. Sometimes we just need breaks to focus on yourself.

Why It Is Okay To Take A Break


I think we all have to remember to take breaks, to take a step back in life, and relax. We all go a hundred miles an hour all the time, and it is okay to slow down! It is okay for the house to be messy for a couple hours, or the grass to be a little long. It is okay to stay in yoga pants all Sunday, or not to wear makeup. It is so important to take time for yourself and relax.


I think we are always comparing ourselves to others and we put too much pressure on ourselves! Take a step back, enjoy time by yourself, enjoy time with your significant other or like me, enjoy time with your pups!.

What did you do this weekend to take a break from life?


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  • Janella Panchamsingh

    These are such great words to live by! I have to constantly remind myself to let go and relax and not feel guilty for doing it. Happy Monday!

  • Amy Saunders

    This is really true and really insightful! I think it is so important to take some ‘me’ time and do something you enjoy doing either on your own or with loved ones otherwise we would all just be major stressheads!

  • Joules (Pocketful of Joules)

    When I went to put my son down for his afternoon nap (yay for a kid who still naps at age 4), he begged to get in my bed and nap with me. So we both curled up for a couple hour nap on a lazy Sunday. =)

  • I completely agree it’s necessary to slow down sometimes. Comparing yourself to others will always make you feel like you’re not doing enough.

  • I definitely agree! We can’t do it all and sometimes we need to just take a break. Great advice!

  • Carrie Chady Rundhaug

    I definitely agree! I love taking breaks when we get to! I didn’t get much of a break from life this weekend but the weekend before we headed to the family cabin! There I can truly relax and unplug.

  • This past weekend was full of work for me, as I’m currently working 2 jobs and so every moment in between was PACKED – grocery shopping, errands, laundry, food prep, but I got off work yesterday at 6:15 and it was still BEAUTIFUL out, the sun was still shining and while I was a bit stressed that my todo list was still a mile long of things that I didn’t have time to do or schedule for the blog, I threw on my running gear and went to a nearby trail for a short run. It was hot and slow and it wasn’t easy but I also knew it was NEEDED for my mental state!

  • Breaks are always needed to reset and refocus! I need one time to time to realign my goals!

  • Chelsea Stephanie

    taking a break is always a good idea! spending time just to do whatever comes up instead of your schedule is such a good thing!

  • Agreed! Recharging is SO important! This weekend, I turned down Sunday dinner with my side in favor of taking our chores nice and leisurely. I could’ve rushed through them, made it to dinner, stayed out until we were pushing the kids’ bedtime and overwhelming them with people… and part of me wanted to, to visit with my parents and sister and niece and nephew… but we needed the relaxed day and evening 🙂

  • Dia

    I totally can relate. We have so much on our plates and put too much pressure on ourselves to get so much done but if we don’t take those occasional unscheduled breaks we are just going to burn out faster. All the work you do on The Blogger Life…girl enjoy your yoga pants.

  • kp

    Taking a break is a MUST! I find it hard to give myself a break every now and then because I feel I should always be doing MORE. We all deserve a rest and need to take it easy on ourselves!

  • Sandi Duverneuil

    Agreed–I’ve been getting better about not overscheduling….I’ve been spending more time just cuddling with my feline babies (we have two, plus we just started fostering kittens for a local rescue org).

  • Totally agree with you! I take breaks from blogging all the time because sometimes I just can’t, even though I love my blog too pieces. Sometimes it makes me sad but it’s good to realize that it’s just life!

    Rachel | http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com

  • I love this! It’s so important to remember that it’s okay to take a break. 🙂 The only plans I had this weekend were to go to work and I kept it that way. It felt wonderful!

  • Rae

    Life has been kicking be in the behind lately and I’ve slacked off on blogging big time. It’s good to take time for ourselves, sometimes we just have to keep reminding ourselves this. 🙂

  • oh i needed this today! we all need to take breaks and say NO MORE! great reminder.

  • I just got home from vacation and I agree with you completely! Downtime isn’t just relaxing-it’s completely necessary!

  • I always forget to take a break and it’s pretty much the worst.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • Mommy At Last

    I 100% agree with this!! We can get so busy with living that we forget to really live in the moment and just relax and breath! So yes I agree, my husband and I try to do that on our sundays after church just lay on the couch and watch tv when baby is down for nap.
    Take care and God bless!

  • Totally agree that breaks are needed! Nobody likes burnout!